Ten Classic Flaws in House Plans and What to Do About Them

Ten Classic Flaws in House Plans and What to Do About Them

Many people will enjoy touring homes and looking at the different layouts of rooms while dreaming of the day when they can build their own home. It can be helpful to learn about the most detrimental flaws of house plans that can make it difficult to live in a home and what you can do to fix them.

  1. Spaces that are only used for one purpose and end in a dead end are the most common design flaw. These spaces can block traffic flow and create a bottleneck. How to fix: Remove a wall or add a doorway to allow you to pass through the space without having to turn around.
  2. Integration from the outside to the inside is lacking. How to fix: Create doors that open onto a patio or porch. This will make the building feel more functional and connect it to the surrounding landscape.
  3. Too small front porches for sitting. How to fix: The front porch should be at least 8 feet deep to make room for furniture.
  4. A kitchen island is great, but can be difficult to use. How to fix: Measure the space required for normal food preparation and eating, and plan accordingly.
  5. The ceiling height does not affect the room size. How to fix it: Larger rooms with open spaces should have a higher ceiling to increase the airiness and openness. A lower ceiling can make a space feel smaller or more cramped.
  6. A lack of windows or multiple windows on one wall can cause lack of natural light. How to fix: Do not make a room with only one window. It might be worth expanding the room to create a bay window. You can also add a skylight.
  7. Poor progress from the garage to your kitchen. How to fix: Reduce the distance between the garage and the kitchen.
  8. Bathrooms with sculptural sinks are great for cleaning because they have lots of nooks and crevices. How to fix: Install integral or under-mounted sinks to maximize counter space.
  9. Shower doors made of cheap glass or plastic can cause claustrophobic feelings. How to fix: Either trade in your bath/tub combo for a walk-in shower, or replace the doors by shower curtains.
  10. Complex or too high-profile roof designs with too many gables, hips, and bumps can lead to leaks. This can not only be unattractive but also cause leaks. How to fix: Keep the silhouette and roofline simple.


These common mistakes and how to correct them can help you avoid making costly errors in your house plans. You will have a home that is both functional and beautiful.

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