Four House Design Mistakes You Should Never Make

Four House Design Mistakes You Should Never Make

You should be careful when building a house. Here are some house design mistakes that you shouldn’t make to ensure your safety.

Too Many Rooms

It is a good idea to have one room for each member of your house. You can also have rooms that are used for laundry or other functions, but don’t make your house look cluttered.

You should not build many small rooms. Instead, you should create a few larger rooms. A large room not only makes you appear organized, but it also allows you to multi-purpose. You can even use your bedroom as your home office.

A house with more rooms attracts more potential buyers and has a higher resale price.

Badly located master bedroom

Your master bedroom should be your sanctuary. It should also have privacy. It should not be located near the kitchen or family room. These rooms are popular and will eventually become extensions of your room.

The master bedroom should be located away from the rest of the house. The master bedroom should be in its own space if possible.

Lots of space between the kitchen and garage

You should place the garage and kitchen as close together as possible to avoid frustration when you have to walk long distances from one another. Many homebuyers will avoid houses with a lot of space between the two rooms.

Many homeowners claim that it is difficult to move groceries from their car to their kitchen.

Too small foyer

Your foyer is what people first see when they arrive at your home. It can make your home look uninviting if it is too small or dark. A standard foyer will make people feel at home and give your home a beautiful look.

To ensure you have enough space, the staircase should be at least five feet away from your front door. A chair, console table, or other small furniture should be possible in the space.


These are four home design errors you shouldn’t make. A certified architect is essential to ensure that your home has a beautiful design.

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