Ten Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

Ten Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

When the time comes for you to build the home that you have always wanted, there is a lot of excitement. Without planning ahead, you can make the entire process and end up being a nightmare. You can reduce this risk by planning ahead with your builder. These are the things you can do in order to make your dream home a reality.

Designing Your Home of Your Dreams

1. Before you ever dig a hole in the ground, make sure to plan as many details as you can. It doesn’t matter how the cabinets will be built or what colors they will be painted.

2. Storage space is important. Look carefully at the blueprint and find hidden storage spaces, such as the ones under the stairs.

3. Purchase the highest quality appliances for your budget. While they may be more expensive now, it will pay off in the long-term.

4. Buy extra 15% tile when buying countertops or flooring tiles. This will ensure that you have enough pieces to replace damaged pieces later.

5. Take into consideration the HVAC system’s role in your home. Ask local heating and cooling specialists for advice on the best setup to maximize your return on investment. This is a crucial decision to make before you start building.

6. Spend only on those things you absolutely must have, but do not skimp on structural components like doors and windows.

7. Pay attention to your bottom line. It’s not a good idea to be shocked when the numbers are tallied.

8. You shouldn’t be afraid of thinking outside the box. You can find unique items like decorative doors, windows and flooring at yard sales, salvage shops, demolition sites and salvage yards. If you’re willing to transport the items, you may be able to get structural elements free of charge.

9. Do not build too many homes for your neighbourhood. Your home will not add value to the neighbourhood, but it will be less valuable if you decide to sell.

10. The laundry room should be located near the bedrooms. This will save time in the long-term.

Your custom home builder will work closely with you to achieve the results that meet, if not exceed, your dreams. Talk to the local builders to make sure your home is exactly what you envision. Enjoy your new home!

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